Another Symphony

Nebojša Despotović solo show

Curated by Silvia Cirelli

Curated by Silvia Cirelli, Another Symphony gathers the very features of Despotović’s art, whose lyricism is intensified by the use of an evolutionary kind of memory. Through the immediacy of the language of painting, Nebojša Despotović echoes the complexities and fractures of past and present cultural histories, thus conveying a new concept of identity, which doesn’t reproduce faithfully the imitation of a memory, but rather acknowledges its protean and contingent trace.

Another Symphony offers an articulated itinerary, evoking Despotović’s expressive alternations, from domestic indoors to portraits of hybrid figures, which don’t merely stand for the artist’s intent of figuration, for they are fragments of an iconographic imaginary in between affirmation and subtraction.
The artist recovers traces of a subterranean memory, suspensions of a collective ritual, which is dramatically subverted to welcome a private narrative, a lived space, an emotional archive, the silent metamorphosis of a personal experience.